“Having the arts in young people’s lives is essential; we know that intuitively. Parents sing to their babies, dance with their toddlers, and occupy children with crayons and paper.”

- Rocco Landesman, Chairman,
  National Endowment for the Arts

Palace Arts Programs

Emerging Young Artist Scholarship

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Danny Pravder, Anna Leunis, EJ CouloucoundisThe annual Emerging Young Artist Scholarship Award of $2,000 created by Stamford Center for the Arts will be awarded to a high school student residing in Fairfield County who is pursuing his/her career in the performing arts. This year the award will be given for Original Composition.

The deadline for all materials to be received is February 24, 2014. The finalists will be contacted in late February for a live audition scheduled for March 8, 2014.

Previous Emerging Young Artist Scholarship Winners:
2010 Anna Leunis, violinist
2011 Danny Pravder, jazz pianist
2012 EJ Couloucoundis, vocalist

Emerging Young Artist Audition Form

Triple Threat Performer Intensive

Triple Threat Performer Overview

The Triple Threat Performer Intensive is a week-long study of theatre arts designed to help young aspiring performers become stronger and more dynamic in their art and to help impart the understanding of the tools required to become a true Triple Threat Performer.

The program will serve as a springboard for future master classes, workshops, and performing opportunities for our youth. The intensive will serve to educate, inspire, and challenge and to develop and strengthen the students’ skills as dancers, singers, and actors. Studying with seasoned Broadway professionals and teaching artists, their classes will include: Audition Techniques, Theatre Dance/Hip-Hop, Voice, Acting, Projection, and Individual Coaching. Each week the intensive will encourage and support young aspiring performers as they become stronger and more dynamic in their art, while giving them the tools to strive to become a true Triple Threat Performer.

Guest artists of either stage or screen will visit each week to engage students in conversation about a career in the theatre, life on tour, auditioning and performing. Students will be showcased at the end of each intensive in an ensemble piece singing, dancing, and acting.

The TTP program trains students in three disciplinary areas of the performing arts consisting of dance, drama, and voice thereby creating the “Triple Threat.”

The dance technique will consist of three techniques: Modern, Broadway/Theatre Dance, and Hip Hop. The acting technique will be taught using the method of Uta Hagen. The voice part of the program will teach them how to breathe, project, and perform a song. In each of the disciplines students will observe, explore, and create. They will develop and find their unique and personal voice of expression.

Our Triple Threat Program believes in empowering young lives by encouraging self-expression, nurturing individual creativity and developing inner talent. The Triple Threat Performer Intensive practices this belief through the “Empowerment Beyond Technique” method. This method supports the three dimensions of the human element - mind, body, and spirit.

The faculty consists of diverse professional working artists, who will broaden the students’ perspective. On the last day of the intensive, students have the opportunity to use the skills they learned throughout the week in a live performance for family and friends.

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2013 Triple Threat information brochure

Triple Threat Permission form

Young Choreographers Festival

The Palace Theatre presents
3rd Annual Young Choreographers Festival

Voices and Visions

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“The Young Choreographers Festival is an incredible opportunity for young dancers to not only dance on a professional stage and work with true theater professionals, but it also gives them the opportunity to build a piece from beginning to end,” says festival creator & Palace Theatre Director of Education, Carol Bryan. “The Festival gives students the excitement of finding their own creative voices, enhances their growth as a young artists/performers and expands their understanding of what goes into being a choreographer.”

The festival performance will feature original pieces created by young choreographers (ages 13 – 18 years) from dance schools throughout the region.  Choreography in almost every genre will be represented: Classical Ballet, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom, Theatre Dance, Modern, Contemporary Ballet, Lyrical, Broadway/Rhythm Tap, Irish Step Dance, and Ethnic Dance.

Click on the links below to download the appropriate Young Choreographers info:

Young Choreographers Info Sheet 

Young Choreographers Application

Young Choreographers Dancer Contract 

Young Choreographers Production Information


Young Playwrights Festival – Script to Stage

Our vision is to create a holistic environment that empowers the lives of these aspiring young performing artists by cultivating individual self-expression, nurturing their creativity and inner talents. Each student will have to audition for the 9-week program. For the audition they may read a poem, monologue or lyric from a song.

During the 9-week period the students will improve their literacy skills through reading and script writing. There will be assignments given in reading and script writing weekly that must be completed.  Most of the assignments will be hand written, using the material/ materials that they themselves are developing and collaborating on with a partner or older and advanced student.

The students will improve their self-esteem and diction within these weeks by reading aloud the written materials that they have developed in front of their peers. We will utilize some acting technique in order for the students to convey their stories. The students will also learn how to format a script. We wish to introduce them to the basic procedures of formatting a script through a free online program entitled Celtx.

In each of the disciplines students will observe, explore and create. They will develop and find their unique and personal voice of expression.

At some point throughout the session we wish to have a guest speaker come visit the students for a Q&A about the craft of writing and exploring the written word.

At the end of the 9- week period the students will have an invited audience where they will be able to read the script that we have developed at the Palace Theatre.

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